How do the Playball programs work?

We have specialized programs for the following age groups:

Age Groups

We have specialized programs for the following age groups:

Our I Can Do classes are all about exploration and discovery. Students are given their first opportunity to hit, kick and catch balls in a structured environment. They have an opportunity to learn what fantastic things their bodies can do. Practise and repetition are key at this stage as we want to build a strong framework of locomotion, balance, body and spatial awareness, muscle strengthening and fine motor skills. Building a strong framework will help your child accomplish more challenging sport related skills in later years.

Not only will your child learn about their bodies but we will also teach important life skills like following and listening to instructions, sharing, waiting for your turn, and reinforcing every day concepts such as colour, shapes and numbers which is very important for school readiness.

Sometimes our two’s need a little help from the special people in their life. We ask that you become involved in the class and help your little one with skills and join in on the class fun! We are sure that you will love seeing your little one progressing during the Playball year.